Medical and Specialty Gas Provider


  Dermatology, Oncology and Veterinary clinics and labs 
  Dental and Surgical facilities

v  Scheduled regular weekly delivery’s 

v  Same day delivery when requested.

v  Professional uniformed service representatives

v  USP Oxygen, USP Nitrous Oxide and NF Nitrogen high pressure gases

v  Cylinders checked on recurring schedule exchanged when needed

v  Wholesale Distributor of Compressed Gases

v  FDA Medical Gas Licensed 

v  Certified HUB State of Texas



GWS offers annual testing, preventive maintenance, service, certification, and training for new and existing medical gas and vacuum systems.With decades of experience in bulk, manifold, and pipeline medical gas systems for delivery of nitrogen, oxygen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, medical air, and vacuum. GWS can help you promote a safer working and clinical environment and improve the quality of patient care. Liability can be reduced and gas costs lowered.  

One Call Get's It All

2506 Irving Blvd.
Dallas TX 75207

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